Cruise Line Executives

"Holland America Line goes to great lengths to deliver a premium experience for our guests. It’s nice to see a team of well-trained cruise specialists who are knowledgeable about our product and understand how to convey the difference to their clients."
Stein Kruse — CEO
Holland America Line

Experienced Travel Agents

"When my clients think of travel, I want them to think of me. This business is all about building and developing relationships and CruiseDesk is absolutely unbelievable at it. The technology is designed to make my work a lot easier by keeping in touch with my clients on my behalf with professional, personalized communication."
Lissa Antflick
Vacation Consultant

"Encouraged by the excellent value added to the luxury lines during the World Explorer promotion, I decided to send a copy of Dream Voyages® magazine to some of my clients who had not booked in a while. 3 Crystal Cruises and a 25 day Regent Cruise later, I am reaping the rewards of Expedia Cruises’ marketing program. Some guests are just waiting to hear from you!"
KK Afre
Cruise Sales Manager

New Travel Agents

"I was a Real Estate agent prior to starting with Expedia Cruises. Alaska was our first cruise and since then we have been on four cruises, we are hooked. I have said many times since starting, that this is the first time in years that I have enjoyed going to work every day. I really look forward to going to the office each morning and talking to friends, as well as the public about cruising. When I hang up they are either booked on a cruise or deciding which one they want."
Bob Blake
Vacation Consultant

"What attracted me to Expedia Cruises was my love for travel and the unique opportunity to do something different. Right now I am working on a hosted cruise and it is extremely fulfilling to know that already forty-four people want to cruise with me."
Arlene Faber
Vacation Consultant

"I had been a stay-at-home mom for the past 17 years and was thinking about returning to the work force. The choice to join Expedia Cruises was simple - a career with flexible hours, an easygoing relaxed atmosphere, and a lot of great travel opportunities. What more could I ask for!?"
Suzanne Bucknam
Vacation Consultant

"I never knew what to say or do to persuade clients to book with me. The Navigators Approach to Selling was a game changer for me. With these new sales skills, I was able to show my clients how Expedia Cruises offered the best value for their next dream vacation. My experience showed me that following up, asking the right questions and paying attention to the needs of my clients creates Customers for Life."
Karen Stephenson
Vacation Consultant