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A Rewarding Experience!


Jackie Gonzalez, an avid cruiser, has been on an impressive 40 cruises. So, naturally, becoming an Expedia Cruises™ Vacation Consultant was an easy decision for her. "I'm currently working full time, 8 to 5, for Ford Motor Credit, and I'm nine years to retirement," she explains. After watching a video by a local Expedia Cruises™ Vacation Consultant on YouTube, she decided to take the plunge, with the goal of building her Expedia Cruises travel business for when she hits retirement.

She now works both jobs, which means she's busy evenings and weekends, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. "Expedia Cruises gives you huge flexibility. There's tremendous help and great support," she says, which makes it possible for her to make both jobs work.

And how is it going? She's a Platinum Vacation Consultant, one of the highest levels in the Expedia Cruises sales recognition program. She credits her local franchisee, Rob Steinfeld, and manager Eddie Flores for being incredibly supportive.

Her approach to her role is to be there every step of the way for her clients. “I like to take it a step further, walking clients through the experience, especially if they're new cruisers," she says. “I'm not just an email address. I listen to my customers and try to make it a different kind of experience for them."

Jackie recounts a story of a couple, both retirees, leaving on their first cruise. They were flying from Tallahassee to Montreal for a flight to Vancouver, where they were going to board a cruise to Alaska. As it happened, the Montreal Vancouver flight had been cancelled, but Royal Caribbean had already got them booked on another flight, and Jackie was aware of the situation as it unfolded. “I spoke with my clients, let them know all was well in hand, and they went on to have an amazing trip." she explains.

What would she say to someone considering becoming an Expedia Cruises Vacation Consultant? "Just go for it," she says excitedly. Live the dream! There's great training, and you're surrounded by great people!"