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Supporting Our Vacation Consultants During Covid-19

May 6, 2020 - There has never been a greater time to express gratitude and appreciation for our Vacation Consultants than now. That’s why in celebration of Travel Agent Day, we want to recognize the countless hours of hard work and commitment our Vacation Consultants have devoted to their customers during these challenging times. From ensuring their customers get home safely to processing refunds and trip changes, our Vacation Consultants have truly become unsung heroes during Covid-19.

As a host, we are also dedicated to supporting our Vacation Consultants the best we can to ensure they are not only able to weather the storm of Covid-19 but to also set them up for success once the travel industry makes it’s triumphant return. Here are a just a few examples of how we have supported our valuable team of over 6,100 Vacation Consultants across North America. We are…

  • Constantly keeping our Vacation Consultants up to date and well informed on a daily and weekly basis through virtual team meetings and our proprietary Intranet platform.

  • Creating webinars, online courses, job aids, scripts and tools to support our Vacation Consultants in making sure their customers are cared for as well as supporting them in making future bookings (and yes, customers are booking!)

  • Developing robust social media campaigns to engage customers online and keep them daydreaming of travel.

  • Executing compassionate email campaigns to our customers on behalf of our Vacation Consultants to assure their confidence in travel.

  • Creating internal recognition campaigns for our Vacation Consultants to ensure they feel valued and appreciated.

  • Creating learning challenges and new training courses to develop our Vacation Consultant’s product knowledge skills.

  • Providing around the clock support from 140+ Corporate Support team members.

  • Providing one on one support and mental health online courses and resources.

  • Providing financial aid guidance and direction.

While travel is currently on pause, the desire to travel hasn’t disappeared. This creates pent-up demand and when this challenging time inevitably subsides, the strength and resources of Expedia Cruises will allow our Vacation Consultants to take advantage of the uptick in consumer demand and secure market share through our world-class marketing, technology, and customer service. Want to learn more about joining our valuable team? Click on “The Opportunity” above to learn more about how you can become a Vacation Consultant with Expedia Cruises.