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4 Advantages of Working in a Retail Travel Agency

At Expedia Cruises, our Vacation Consultants have the opportunity to work from home or in a retail space that is connected to their community. An Expedia retail store is synonymous with credibility and provides many benefits that cannot be matched by home-based models:

Walk-in Traffic - As retail outlets provide a physical space; this promotes awareness in the community and walk-in traffic from shoppers and other local patrons.

Professional Space - Unlike home-based agencies, you can meet your clients or host events in a professional and credible environment. In addition, you will have immediate access to the support and guidance of your Franchise Partner and other consultants.

Personal Relationship - There is unique value in an in-store experience. By giving travelers the option to connect in-person, online or over the phone, you will sell vacations the way your customers like to buy them and ultimately, develop strong client relationships.

The #1 Brand in Travel on Your Door - Having the most recognized name in travel as part of your business will boost your credibility by providing your customers with a brand they can trust.

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